TNG is short for Tack and Gybe, the two main maneuvers to change course on a sailing boat. In 1998 the first TNG Sail Racing Watch was introduced. In all details it is obvious that racing sailors are involved in the development and innovations of the current TNG Swiss Watches Nautical watch line in function and design. The combination of Swiss technology, design, luxury and accuracy with the ideas of top class racing sailors quickly gained international attention. At this moment the TNG Swiss Watches collection contains 15 watch models and are manufactured at our facilities in Switzerland, they are all genuine Swiss made. The ‘Classic’ collection is a high end range which stand on his own. The top model in this range is the Classic Tornado Sailing watch which has an exclusive in house developed movement. All other models are attractive designed with automatic and high-end quartz movements with a nautical touch. The ‘Sports’ collection is an attractive sportive range which contains functional, nautical watches with a wide diversity of colour combinations. Our Sailmaster watch is specifically developed for top class racing sailors. True to its roots TNG Swiss Watches is official Time Keeper at several international sailing events. Sailing races, timekeeping and the TNG Swiss Watches brand , forms a perfect match.